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[Thursday on the 4th]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I'm never sure whether to feel amused or slightly sad when I hear other Italian Americans mispronounce their own family names, & then "correct" me when I use the actual Italian pronunciation.

It's almost as sad as all the Italian families in the tri-state area whose names got changed to Pace, Chase, Palmer, etc., etc., in the frantic rush to assimilate. :/

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We are the Champions [Saturday on the 12th]

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Stereotyping makes me sick. [Thursday on the 13th]

[ mood | angry ]

Discrimination and defamation against Italian Americans is really, really bad in this country, and it's not even overt discrimination but sneaky stereotyping. For example, a bunch of idiot alumni of my undergrad school started an association called the "Emerson mafia." Their web page and such is Sopranos-themed, complete with little guns and a shady guy in a fedora. I find that really offensive! I tried getting the college involved, but per usual, they did their jazz hands (over the phone, saying "there's nothing we can do"). I mean, this is really horrible, especially for a college that prides itself on diversity. It disgusts me so much that I wish I could pay some money, transfer my courses to another school, and get a bachelor's issued from elsewhere.

Organized crime has nothing to do with networking. Racist idiots.

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votate [Tuesday on the 19th]

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[Sunday on the 3rd]

[ mood | curious ]


i was looking up a movie when i stumbled onto this. i found the first paragraph kinda strange- basicly, it just goes on and on about how he "is considered to be italian-american even though" he is mixed, how the name de niro is just his grandfather's italian name, etc., etc. i just thought it was odd that they talk this way in the old country about mixed italian-americans. it almost seemed to me like they were implying that we weren't "real" for being < 100%. i didn't really think blood-quantum stuff was used to knock anybody in the year 2008. kinda puzzling that it apparently still is...

then again, i know that groups like the sons of italy in america have had it in for de niro for years, because they're essentially pissed that he played in a couple of mafia movies. perhaps that's part of what motivates treatment like this. *shrug*

s'okay, bobby- you're still a paesano in my book.

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Badly need help [Saturday on the 29th]
Dear friends,

My wife is going to study at Italian university. In order to receive the student visa we need in handwriting invitation from Italian living in Rome. Actually, this is mere formality, but we have no Italian buddies. Badly need your help. We will gratitude.

Thanks in advance!
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hockey in italy [Monday on the 30th]

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[Tuesday on the 8th]

(this is the former 67stratocaster here, by the way)

I was officially sworn into the Sons of Italy tonight (they admit women, despite the "Sons" thing)! I am so excited. :)
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[Friday on the 30th]

Can someone help me translate this

It's from Il Mio Ben Quando Verra

Tu cui stanca omai già fe'
Il mio pianto, eco pietosa,
Ei ritorna e dolce a te

thanks a million!
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[Saturday on the 24th]

[ mood | curious ]

What is he saying? Can someone please help me? I only understand a little Italian

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